Essence of the Perfect Friday!

So what are we doing?

Eventbrite is my go-to for some ideas; boat-cruise with good music? Jazz lounge with some great drinks or the classic dinner and a movie.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you both enjoy.

We compromise a lot in relationships, sometimes it’s nice to find something you both like- no compromising, something that just fits you both!

My perfect Friday starts like this-

I shut the door to my office, walk to my car, check in with my Honey to see when he’s going to be home, then I enjoy the ride home with a podcast in the background.   First thing, I do when I walk in the house; I head straight to the bathroom, undress and hop into the shower- I need to wash off the day.  I lather up with some coconut lavender gel and walk out smelling just as good as an edible arrangement.

Next, I head downstairs to the kitchen- I know my man is coming home hungry, so I put together a nice snack for him.  He’s been working out this week despite his hectic work schedule and he needs his protein.  His plate is ready and waiting for him. 84d5200482299df653c393ec269436f0

I get a text from him letting me know that he’s a few minutes away, that is when I pore the wine and wait for him in the kitchen.  He walks in with a smile and the cliché phrase is said- “Honey, I’m home”.  I rush into his arms making him drop whatever he has in his hands and shower him with kisses! Its Friday!!

He devours his snack and we both enjoy our glass of wine and start planning the evening.  He brings up a few ideas and I do the same, we decide on a night out on the town.  We plan to go to our favorite restaurant, then to an improve comedy show and finally to a nightclub to dance the night away to some soca and reggae music. 4214b88a39a1a9f2dd363340d112dc7f

But…but before all of this even begins, the fun part is getting ready together.   I took my shower first and he’s next, but I enjoy helping so I may hop in and wash his back and enjoy the steam with him.  I don’t have to share what might happen with steam, hot water and two lovers so I will take you to the bedroom. rs_1024x681-160219130427-1024-rihanna-drake-work-music-video-021916

We both layout our outfits and decide what looks best.  I love watching him get dressed; making sure his shirt fits just right and watching him brush his recently groomed head.  I go to my dressing room to put my outfit on and I walk back in for his appreciation.  If he validates, I continue to the other layers us women go through, makeup, accessories and perfume.

We are finally ready for the night.  He opens the door to the car like a gentleman and we ride to our first destination.  That’s how it starts…

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