June 2017 Conferences to Chat About

Gents…. (and ladies)…. looking for ways to better market yourself? Places to network and learn? Seeking opportunities to utilize your skills or foster new ones? Care to volunteer or simply stay in the know….

Here’s some opportunities for you at Choose Chicago you’ll find a list (like the excerpt below) of all the highlighted conferences… from research to NHL drafts, stay in the loop…

Try this alterconf to foster motivation in your adult community.

Or for the S&OP guru, try: IBF June 15-16

Whatever your niche, get out there and better yourself.. free and at-cost conferences found Here.

Better yourself daily @dailydoseofdsblog

We encourage you to explore our page Menu for other great topics.

Each Category above has a wealth of enjoyable commentary based on the topic noted. Be sure to check back in under “Family & Friendships”

and click “June 2017: The Mark of Men” to continue the journey.

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~D’Lorah Denise~

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