Starting a Business (Service Based)

What sort of service type business do you want to start?

A few tools can help guide you-

Check out these 50 ideas- High ROI

Other ideas for the parent at home, check these ideas out

If you don’t know where to start, take a quiz to see what the best service type business would work for you.  Might help you learn a little about yourself.

Now lets get started!

  • Business Plan– this is a must, it helps you layout all your ideas and above all $$$ to be spent and made

  • Business Idea Chosen- research…research

  • Do you have a mentor to turn to for help? Resources available?

  • How much time are your investing?

  • How much money are you investing?

  • Where is your capital coming from? Family help, Crowdfunding sites…savings

  • Is this a side hustle?

  • How are you recording your information? apps for small business and entrepreneurs

  • Advertising plan

  • First customers

  • Communication- Customer service action plan

  • Launch date




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