10 Things He Does For Him & Why 

In this age of technology where everyone is within reach within a tap of a keyboard, we can express our every concern, care, or clinginess instantly – we can also get instantly bothered if there is no (instantaneous) reply.

Often, that bothered feeling stems from the lack of consideration that someone just is enjoying their life (outside of you) or maybe they’re just busy.

Rest assure, sometimes it’s not because of you, but rather just something he needs to do for himself.

To help everyone keep their cool.. we’ve provided a bit of insight into things he does JUST for himself (that we also do for ourselves) and why.

We de-stress through self-pampering, shopping , talking on the phone, and travel, etc.  Quite frankly he needs an outlet too…  he needs to:

  • Make time for hobbies
  • Destress about a relationship
  • Destress about something his partner doesn’t understand (ex: his career/problem at work)
  •  Have me-time
  • Spend time with his buddies

In an unhealthy relationship he may feel he needs:

  • To have the attention of someone else

In either of these scenarios a guy may:

  • Play video Games
  • Tinker with Cars

Physical exertion can release mental or emotional stress.

  • Go out to a venue (ie. movie, bar)

He may find himself in an environment of strangers – feeling more relaxed than he does at home for the moment. Here’s why… There’s no obligations in engaging in a conversation with a stranger. Desires zero-obligations, no thought, just release of tension through casual conversation. Everything is new and predominately judgement- free, most importantly it’s all temporary.

  • Go for a ride or workout

Adrenaline rushes can alleviate stress

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Just as we feel a mini-rejuvenation in our mani/pedi days, our shopping sprees, pjs & binge tv days and bubble bath & wine evenings UNINTERRUPTED… he needs the same feelings of rejuvenation from time to time WITHOUT US around.

With the exception of seeking console in the arms of someone else, it may have nothing to do with your relationship with him.  Likely it’s  not personal, and it may not even be about you when he does any of those things above.

We need to remember that and be considerate of how much we value our “me-time” or other relaxations and allow him to do the same. Of course if there are indiscretions arising – that’s an entirely different discussion. But this focus is on the loyal men we grow to love and who honor us in their actions.  For those men are due our understanding and support, our trust and our loyalty.

It’s not always about you…

For all the positivity he adds to your life together, allow him serenity.

Peace of Mind for All

~Speak Life, Shed Light, Spread Love~


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~D’Lorah Denise~


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