Spend Your Time Wisely – No Refunds.

Our most valuable asset is Time.

We’re all given 24-hr/day to spend on this earth.

Spend wisely.

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  • Absorb everything – listen, understand, and be understood
    • You cannot listen and talk simultaneously.
    • Perspective has a lot to do with delivery
  • Don’t be afraid to make important (informed) decisions
    • Key word informed. Ignorance is not bliss.
  • Look ahead and consider the big picture
    • The future is yours to help create
  • See a need, fill a need – planning and productivity breed progress
    • Help someone
    • Share
  • Grow and keep growing. Challenge yourself & constantly improve things of and around you.
    • Consider where you want to be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years.. or even next month. Plan and execute.
    • What skills/talents are you interested in learning? Find inexpensive ways to do so.
    • What changes would you like to see in your environment? Take small steps to start to effect the change.
  • Save more, spend less (don’t waste time on unproductive/non-progressive things)
    • Avoid gossip
    • Avoid drama
    • Address issues swiftly – but not impulsively. Make sound, informed decisions and stand by them.
    • Avoid activities that deteriorate your frame of mind, body, soul/spirit
  • Invest (in positive people, change, creativity, growth, etc.)
    • Read a Blog (like this one) 🙂
    • Read a book
    • Volunteer
    • Teach
    • Create
    • Rest

~Shed Light, Speak Life, Spread Love~

~Daily Dose of D’s~

~D’Lorah Denise~


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