Slay the Day

Do you wake up each day happy? Maybe yes maybe no, there are ways to lift your spirit.  The stresses of life can sometimes be overwhelming and carry on from one day to the next.  If you’re a parent, your mood can directly affect your kids, so remember the phrase, “happy mommy means happy kids”.

Monday was hard, but its also in the past.  Do a review of your task list Tuesday morning,  note the items that still need to be done and be honest with yourself.  Can you get them done today? or do they move down the priority list.  We are mostly all techies in this generation, but sometimes its its nice to revert to classic ways of drafting your thoughts.  Pick up a journal and write down your frustrations, write down problems and possible solutions.  It’s OK to express your stress, sometimes writing it down can help you visually resolve your issues.

Ways to slay your day-

  • During a break from your desk, listen to a podcast- one of my favorite ones is Side Hustle School by Chris Guillebeau.  He travels the world and finds time everyday to create podcast that is less then 10 minutes long.  You can learn so much from other entrepreneurs who have a day job and a side hustle.  His website also has some great information.  Other podcast you might like, click here.
  • Take a walk when you can and breath in some fresh air.  If you have your phone with you, snap a picture of something that grabs your attention. Creativity can be ignited by simple things around you.
  • Make plans for the rest of your day.  Maybe grab some dollar shuck oysters at your favorite happy hour restaurant.  On Tuesday my go-to place is Jumping Jays in Portsmouth, NH.  Being a busy mom doesn’t mean you can’t find time to enjoy yourself.  If the kids are all set and you can spare an hour to yourself, enjoy it alone or with a friend.  Take the time to exchange some ideas or just catch up.  Other plans could involve attending a meetup gathering to network and meet others like yourself.
  • If you’re heading home directly after your work day then come home with a smile. Direct your energy to your love ones.  You may have had a hard day but their day might have been a wonderful one and they can infect you with some positive energy.  Ask them about their day, what did they do? Who did they talk to?  What was great about it?
  • Once homework, dinner, bedtime is complete, come back to you and relax.   Maybe enjoy a nice bath, or read a few chapters of a book with a cup of tea.
  • Put your outfit together for the next day.

Accept the good, the bad and the ugly of the day and know that tomorrow is a new start.



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