Ready for the Week!

It’s Sunday after 7pm and I am thinking about the new week ahead.  I am a mom, full time worker and an entrepreneur.  A few things set me up for a great week-

  • Home- is the house clean and tidy? Any projects that weren’t completed over the weekend need to be rescheduled.  
  • Kids- are lunches prepared for Monday morning? Check their backpacks and make sure they are organized and ready for the week.  Pick out their clothing for Monday Morning. Go over their chore list- review what was done and what they need to do.  Great chore schedule for kids- by age!
  • Mommy’s got a job- turn on the laptop, dedicate an hour to review emails from the weekend and set a schedule of task to accomplish for the week.  Review my calendar for appointments.
  • Entrepreneur- any clients to get back to? Any jobs to complete this week? Any marketing ads to post.

Those questions help me organize myself.  Lastly I check in with my Man and make sure he’s all set as well for the week.  I see if there is any reminders he needs and we review our plans for the week.  Great communication and constant review of the task you have planned helps you stay focused.  

Wishing everyone a great start to the week!!


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