To The Man You Need to Appreciate

Father’s Day is approaching and hopefully the men we will honor will not get another neck-tie. You don’t need to have contributed to a childbirth to be a father. This Father’s day, and each day beforehand, let’s show a little appreciation for the men who have helped birth, raise, or influence a young person in his lifetime, and provided protection, guidance, strength, honor, and happiness in your life…

good man

TO: the Single Man 

Anything is possible. Your life is probably full of freedom – to travel, to date, to develop, and to create and accomplish goals otherwise unimaginable without distraction. If you are a father/co-parent/father-figure, you have the added benefit of the love from a little one (or two, or more) who looks up to you. You have the opportunity to help mold young girls and boys in a positive fashion and help them build up. To the Single Man, thank you for taking time away from your independence to do so.

For the Single Man you know…

Try giving him something he may not come across on his own… cologne that will make time stop… literally. Trust me when I say, these scents will take over the room. He will thank you later. (In order of highest potency first)

Tell him, once he puts these scents on, it will change the game.

And then tell him, “you’re welcome”. 😉

TO: The Boyfriends

The Badge of Honor. Some of you may be dating women with children, to whom you are a father-figure. Some of you may be dating soappreciatemeone with whom you hope to have children of your own, or simple to encourage and influence little ones by example. You too, contribute to the future of our world. For the sacrifices made, for the support provided, for the love you give. Thank you.

For the Boyfriend you have…

Give him peace of mind. Send him off to relax. Men need R&R too, ladies.  Greet him with a good meal and a massage to wake him. Show him you appreciate him.  Let him kick his feet up and relax.  If he is into high-speed, find a local racetrack and reserve a spot for him to burn rubber! Look for local racing schools, or nascar driving experiences. If he just wants to ride, lookup rentals of exotic and luxury cars in your area and let him enjoy the day. Whatever his thrill, let him enjoy it. Cater to him and show him how much he means to you. And when then day is done, enjoy a nice, quiet dinner with your man. Remember to entice the senses – smell good, look and feel great, soothing sounds, and tasty cuisine. Try Pinterest or Allrecipes for something new.

TO: The Husbands

The epitome of a foundation. To the man who not only gives of himself for his wife, but also for his child/children. To those who are fortunate enough to have found a fit with a wife,love and an equally refreshing fit with your children, congratulations. Whether a blended family, or all your own creation, you are blessed beyond measure to have found that haven. Consider it as such and contribute to it as such. You are to be appreciated and valued by all in your family.

For the Husband you have…

Give this man a round of applause and days to remember.  Cater to his interests. Let him revel in his greatness. You chose eachother for a reason, let him know you haven’t forgotten why you said “I Do”.  If he’s into the thrill of husbandslots, reserve a room at a local casino, give him a band and let him have fun on the tables/slots/games. Setup the hotel to fit the mood. Recreate that honeymoon – remind him of why HE said “I Do.” Give him something sentimental. Tap into what made you two who you are now, what kept you together and kept your love strong. He will be touched that you’ve thought so deeply and showed him so selflessly. Invest in your man everyday, but especially on this day. (And if you want to suffer the fate of kryptonite, grab him a bottle of that cologne listed above!)

TO: the Single Dads

Its not easy to balance the configuration of a split family.  I won’t say “broken” daddy sonbecause not all separated families are broken. Sometimes the parents just daddy girldon’t work as a couple, or suffer a fatal loss, but that is independent of their ability to be a parent to the child/children. To the single dads, your influence, your presence, you are needed. You are appreciated. You are valuable. The extent of your value will not be emphatically realized until later in your life. Something like fine wine, is more valuable over time.

For the single dads you know…

Be sure to appreciate the man for the father he is, or the father figure he provides. Make it about him in that light – not about anything else. Keep the flirtation out of it. Keep the subtle “what if” out of it. Remove all remnants of “I want to get back together”. Honor him as a father – not as your ex, crush, love-interest, or anything else. With that said, make it about him and the child/children he loves. finger

Frame a candid photo of him and the kid(s) and frame it with this: Malden Daddy and Me Expressions Frame, 4 by 6-Inch or get him and his son(s) matching t-shirts/onesies:Dad and Son Matching T-Shirt & Onesie Set Bold Statement – Mini Me.

For daddies with daughters, try this necklace set to honor the relationship with his baby girl(s):

O.RIYA Gifts for Dad Necklace Jewelry, Father’s Day Gift, Father Daughter Keychain Jewelry, Daddys Girl Birthday Necklace Set, There’s This Girl Who Stole My Heart She Calls Me Daddy

We are what we do – to, for, and with others consistently. The little things we do to show appreciation mean more than words could ever.

Note: Here’s some books that can help revamp love and relationships:

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

The 5 Love Languages for Men: Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition: The Secret that Will Revolutionize Your Relationships

~Shed Light, Speak Life, Spread Love~

~D’Lorah Denise~

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  1. Kev says:

    Quite simply one of the finest pieces of literature ever written. The writer is an amazing talent….and She Gets It !!!

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      Thanks for the support! We love hearing back from our readers!

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      ~Speak Life~


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