Friday Freedom!

We had ONE day of summer…


yesterday its was 90*…


and now its back to 42*,
rainy, and windy.

(Can you feel my frustration???)



Friday Freedom. The comforting feeling of freedom… knowing you can come and go as you please, go straight home, shower, watch a movie and climb in bed… OR… shower and shine after a long day’s work and go out and enjoy your night! Mingle a little, dance a bit, smile a lot, drink or smoke hooka (if that’s your thing) and show off a nice outfit and meet some new people 😉 .


For me, working a long week makes me want to just relax on a Friday evening. Maybe a lounge or a live music scene – or even a quiet night a home-sweet-home with a nice meal, some good company and some entertainment. Another good way to spend my Friday is to invite some friends over, have a few drinks, play some cards or a good game, play so music and just have a nice time.


When you work 8-10hr a day, 5-days a week, Friday’s are a prime time to rest and get a full 24-hr of excellence on Saturday. Saturday’s are a good day to rejuvenate and enjoy the FULL rewarding day (and night).
Stay tuned to see how we make the most of our weekends!


Work Hard, Play Harder!
~Daily Dose of D’s~
~D’Lorah Denise~

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