HOW TO: Vacation at home

Ladies & Gentlemen, the workday is ending and I’m sure you could use a brief getaway. These quick, inexpensive ways to turn your home into a retreat are perfect for a week-day staycation for any man, woman, or couple! Save your coins, transform your space, and create an ambiance worthy of turning off your phone and relaxing!

The easiest way to transcend is to entice all your senses.

To Create An Outdoor Staycation:

Change the scenery and get comfortable!

Grab an inexpensive hammock from your local Target. Hang and swang 🙂

Rock yourself into a slumber if you want!

Grill outdoors and set the scene with economical decor like the paper lanterns shown above from Dollar Tree.

Check out some of these recipes for grilling on a budget!

Grab your favorite playlist and your beverage of choice & enjoy the day.

To Create An Indoor Oasis:

1.Captivate your sense of touch.

Turn your bed into a cloud with fresh linen. Sprinkle a bit of baby powder on freshly washed sheeJessica McClintockts. Add a few extra pillows, drape some sheer sheets over the bed posts (for those with a canopy style frame) Place a soft throw across the bed to add a soothing touch to the atmosphere.

– Find inexpensive bedding and decorative pillows at your local Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Burlington Coat Factory (Bedspreads & Comforter Sets Under $100), like this one by Jessica McClintock for under $40.

2. Entice your sense of smell

Fill the air with a relaxing aroma from wax melts or candle warmers, or both! Easy and flame-free way to fill the room with soothing smells without the worry of fire or mess.IMG_1461

– Find a variety of wax melts, candles, and warmers at your local Walmart for under $10. Let it burn all night and day!

                              3. Tease your sense of taste.

Grab a mixture of your favorite fresh snacks and create a tray of treats! If you want to splurge, grab a bottle of wine, or make mimosas with champagne or sparkling wine like Cava or Proscecco from your local grocery/spirits store for $10-$25.

Mix up the flavors a bit by combing sweet with salty, or get creative with other parings. Try dark chocolate with sea salt almonds, strawberries with whipped cream, peaches with blue cheese (you’ll be pleasantly surprised), or a fruit (kiwi, mango, blueberry, pineapple) yogurt parfait shown in the cover of this post.  If you want to get fancy, try soft pretzels with Monterey Pinot Noir or Santa Barbara Chardonnay – or just an ice cold beer or lemonade. Be sure to bring a bottle of water or two, to cool down that body temperature!

    4. Fill the room with soothing sounds

Turn the phone on airplane mode/do not disturb and channel your iTunes Radio, Apple Music, or other streaming service via wifi and set the mood… Here’s some soothing tunes I recommend:

Alina Baraz & Galimatias Mix

    5. Engulf your body in your (wo)man-made ocean

Fill your tub with warm water and take a relaxing bubble bath. Surround yourself with tea light candles or the glimmer from the wax melt plug ins. The dimmer the light, the better. Be sure to stage it exactly how you want, then turn the lights off and float away. Tealights (100Pk for Under $4).  Add epsom salt or other bath salts to really maximize the experience. Place a warm washcloth across your eyes and take deep breaths and soak into the tub.  If you have a jacuzzi, turn on those jets and drift away.


Make it a romantic evening for two by adding rose petals and lavender oils!

Try it tonight!


PS. For best results, repeat weekly 😉

~Daily Dose of D’s~

~D’Lorah Denise~

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