Dr.'s Orders Gone Wrong!


So the doctor told me to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and use OTC meds to subside the symptoms of my ailment for the next couple of days. After what seemed to be endless coughing, at 2am I rolled over to take two cold & flu caplets so I could sleep sound through the rest of the night.

Now normally I have no issue swallowing pills but after 3 days of the bug, my throat was extremely dry – drier than I realized. I popped two pills and drank the last sip of water remaining in the bottle on my nightstand. This is where self-medicating went all wrong.

As I swallow the droplet of water I feel both pills slide down my throat. One glides down what felt like my left lung, and suddenly one gets stuck – in some abyss in the lower right corner of my neck. *shock* I try pushing on my neck and can’t seem to locate the pill. Extending and flexing my head and neck, I’m trying to push it down by continuing to swallow, to no avail.

THEN! The caplet starts DISSOLVING and dissipating this burst of particles that is causing me to ingest, choke, and suffocate all at the same time! I already can’t breathe out of one nostril, and now I’m unable to get air flowing properly into my lungs. *panic*

I sat straight up and coughed so hard I venture to say I may have ruptured something to get that pill dislodged.  Heart racing, eyes watering, and lungs feeling strained, I managed to survive. A thousand ways to die… just not today!

Daily Dose of D’s

~D’Lorah Denise~

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