How Often Do We Speak Before We Research?

“The United States invented the internet…” says Tom Bossert per New Trump EO on Cybersecurity

So, was that BEFORE or AFTER British Gentleman, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created it in France (bordering Switzerland) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research with his Belgian counterpart and support team?? Are you sure we can just swoop in and take credit for the ENTIRE invention, Sir? I’m being rhetorical of course, but to the audience of this blog:

In an age where library cards are nearly as ancient as 8tracks, and social media is construed as undeniable truth, how often do we really “trust, but verify”?

Is the “I believe” button pushed so often because we’re too lazy to fact-check? Or do we just not care to confirm? Are our priorities out of whack to a point where SnapChats and Tweets are more revered than history or traceable/verifiable literature?

Are we becoming sheep by choice?

Daily Dose of D’s

~D’Lorah Denise~


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